All children today need to learn how to feel good about themselves. They need to know how to be responsible, proactive, and find balance in their own actions. They need self-confidence, how to handle threats to their safety and security. Self Reliance’s programs help kids sharpen the tools they already have.  

Building the Self-Reliance skills that young people need in today’s world is one of the primary goals of all Camp Fire programs. Helping children learn to take care of themselves in specific situations is the goal of each of Camp Fire’s Self-Reliance programs. Self-Reliance courses targeted to specific skills are the newest and fastest growing Camp Fire programs. These courses are designed to require a short-term commitment – usually from six to eight weeks.

Self-Reliance courses are unique in many ways. Like all Camp Fire programs, Self-reliance courses attempt to negate traditional stereotypes and help both boys and girls develop a balance of skills. The curriculum is thoroughly developed and comprehensive in scope; learning to synergize together. All instructors are trained and present the materials in a fun, active manner which helps to keep interest levels high and enables youth to practice their new found skills in a non-threatening environment.

Safe And Sure (Grades K-1)

I’m Safe and Sure is a personal safety program for children in kindergarten and first grade.  This program helps kids learn how to be safe and responsible through good decision making.  This program helps promote self-reliance in children to that they can avoid being victims of crimes and other potentially harmful situations.  This program is delivered in five 40-60 minute sessions and can be adjusted to fit the classroom’s needs.   This curriculum includes:

  • -Safety at Play
  • -Taste Only What is Safe
  • -Home Safety Safari
  • -People You Know
  • -Stranger Awareness,
  • -Secrets and Surprises

I Can Do It (Grade 2nd – 3rd)

I Can Do It helps children learn self-help skills needed to be responsible family members.  This curriculum is designed for second and third graders to be more confident in doing things more independently as they grow.  If they are in situations where they are without adult supervision, this course will help children make decisions that keep them safe and comfortable.  This program is delivered in five 40-60 minute sessions and can be adjusted to fit the classroom’s needs.  This curriculum includes:

  • -I Can Choose Healthy Foods
  • -I Can Be Weather Ready
  • -I Can Be Safe in Public
  • -I Can Escape a Fire
  • -I Can Handle Conflict
  • -I Can Be Safe and Responsible

InterACTION (Grade 5th – 9th)

InterACTION is an anti-bullying program that walks youth through the process of learning to communicate in ways that effectively manage or prevent conflict.  This curriculum consist of being able to identify the different communication styles (aggressive, passive, passive/aggressive, and assertive) within themselves and others and how to react to those communication styles in assertive ways.  Students then apply assertive communication techniques to better understand each other, working on friendship, working with adults, and preventing and managing conflict.  This program helps students stand up for their feelings while keeping others’ feelings in mind to find the “win-win” situation.   This program is delivered in five 40-60 minute sessions and can be adjusted to fit the classroom’s needs

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